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Source code via CVS

 What is CVS?

CVS is the Concurrent Versions System. Start at Cyclic Software's pages to learn more.

Anyone can check out the sources via CVS, while only certain people have the ability to check in. To be granted write access you have to prove yourself by sending us patches.

To check out the sources, you need to be running CVS 1.9 or later, and have your $CVSROOT set to

There is no password for user anonymous, simply press enter when prompted.

Sourceforge is now our primary repository, any previous and still working repository is at best a mirror. More information about the Sourceforge CVS, such as instructions for developers, can be found here.

What follows are more in-depth platform-specific instructions on how to check out the source repository from scratch.

 CVS checkout

Here is how you do a cvs checkout from our server on various platforms.

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