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In order to run Oneiro, a number of external libraries need to be installed. This page provides pre-packaged zip-files for your downloading pleasure, as well as a table of required versions for those who prefer to download the libraries separately.

 Required versions
Software Website Server Client
Java2 (1.2+) o -
JDOM (beta 7+) o -
Xerces (1.2+) Apache XML Project o -

Tested versions of the libraries can be found as under the oneiro-ext package of the Oneiro file list.

Note that the old client was deprecated and is now removed from CVS, meaning that there are no client-related dependancies.

Using packages

The package contents should be unpackad into the lib directory. No more, no less.

cd lib
jar xf oneiro-ext-20010818.jar

Doing it yourself

If the libraries are already installed on your system, then update the in your home directory to reflect their locations.

jdom.jar   = /some/dir/jdom.jar
sax.jar    = /some/dir/xerces_or_other_implementation.jar

You can also create lib/ and lib/ files reflecting the locations of your libraries.

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