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This page contains copies of the official news posted on Sourceforge, along with the news from our site. Other news can be found in the news forum. Eventually, the forum news too will be imported to this page.
Imported documentation Jun 22, 2001
Much of the project documentation has been imported into the DocManager from the old web site.

In the coming days, more of the Sourceforge services will be used.
Oneiro @ Sourceforge Jun 21, 2001
We are currently in the process of moving most of the services from our old site at to sourceforge.
Employed Feb 27, 2001

I finished my master's thesis and achieved employeeness. December and January were a lost cause as Oneiro was concerned, but this month has had its checkins and more are on the way. Let me reiterate: Oneiro is not dead :)

My thesis will be up and availble on the Corner shortly.

Homo Sapiens Nov 26, 2000

As a proof of concept kind of thing, I am implementing humans. Growth factors, densities and proportions are pretty much there. Automatic descriptions according to BMI values and structural profiles are underway.

When humans are done, I'll build a small sample world. After nearly three years of design and coding there may actually be a few minutes worth of playing :)

Status update Nov 8, 2000

Ok, so I've neglected to update this news page. Big deal. Oneiro has seen a few minor development cycles since the last update. Some things went in and others are being phased out.

People hoping to be able to create worlds of their own should not have to wait long now. Interfaces are getting stable and documentation and sample world code should be along shortly.

Crontab Sep 18, 2000

I have now updated the crontab to use the new Ant build file. Files should now also be automatically copied to the FTP site.

I just wish I had the time and inspiration to take care of Guilty.

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