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This page contains copies of the official news posted on Sourceforge, along with the news from our site. Other news can be found in the news forum. Eventually, the forum news too will be imported to this page.
External libraries Sep 11, 2000

For you convenience, I have today put up easy-to-install packages on the externals page. When alpha1 is relesed there will probably be a nifty graphical installer available aswell.

Welcome to Oneiro! Aug 19, 2000

From this day on we shall be known to the world as Oneiro. A quick introduction to the name can be found in the Q&A section.

Codewise, we are seeing the beginnings of a new command parser relying on some overly simplified NLP techniques. Protocol I is now more or less officially declared dead, long live the upcoming XML protocol.

Kudos to Androman for the totally amazing logo!

Name change imminent Aug 6, 2000

We are currently working on rewriting some portions of the code, notably statistics and entity positions. Documentation will be updated shortly.

As the name "The Entity Project" not only sucks and was coined in a haste, but also is almost impossible to find using search engines, we have come up with a new name for the project which will be revealed soon.

Development resumed Jun 13, 2000

After a long break, development has been resumed. Mostly bugfixes and cleanup so far, but rewrites and new features are forthcoming.

No time left on device May 11, 2000

I have been very busy lately, but hopefully that will change as summer approaches. My paper has been accepted and I have learned a lot about XML and query languages. I have also taken courses in distributed systems and language parsing, leaving me with some thoughts for future development.

For XML and/or RDBMS persistance, I am currently looking at Castor, which looks pretty nifty indead. It supports OQL-queries, which is closely related to both SQL and to Lorel, my XML query language of choice.

XML Feb 24, 2000

I have been evaluating XML for editing and storage purposes. I considered using Koala for object serialization but it now seems like Sun has made proposed changes for JDK 1.3 that will make for a prettier implementation more suitable for our storage needs.

As for editing, I am going to write a paper on XML query languages which will probably give us a winner. It looks like either the SQL-like XML-QL or the XSL-ish XQL will be the query language of the Entity Project. Queries issued to the server will provide administrative clients with object data, which could then be updated. This would of course deprecate the Protocol I administrative extensions.

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